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One Piece: Where Do Killers Come From?

Geeks are certainly no stranger to the figure of Killer who is one of the pirates who are members of the Luffy alliance. Killer is the right-hand man alias Eustass Kid’s confidant in the Kid pirate group, and also a childhood friend of the captain. Killer is known to be very calm and calm, even he rarely makes a sound. However, that doesn’t mean he’s weak in combat.

Instead he is tough and always relied on by Kid. The proof is that he was able to win against Basil Hawkins in yesterday’s chapter. Unfortunately, due to the SMILE devil fruit, Killer now can’t show his emotions other than laughing. And because of that, his fighting ability had decreased slightly due to his unstable mental state. As with other characters, information about Killer is not too much.

One of the mysterious things about Killer is why does he hide his face? This led to a speculation among fans that Killer might be part of the Three-Eye Tribe. There are several things that can be clues to support this theory.

her face

The first part that is considered to be a clue is his face. As mentioned above, until now we have not been shown the full face of the Killer. And this may have been deliberately done by Oda Sensei because Killer “saved” something. When Oda sensei drew Killer as a child, his hair almost covered his entire face. Even when he became Kamazo, Oda sensei didn’t show Killer’s forehead, like Pudding.

And there may be a certain reason why Killer did that. In fact, Killer had already shown part of his face when he used the Kamazo identity. However, when he becomes Kamazo we can see how his head is covered by bandages, especially the top of his head. Why did he have to cover the top of his head? There is also a straight line on his forehead, when he fought Zoro.

If Killer is really injured, maybe his bandage will look like Luffy’s in Rusukaina, not as shown in the Wano arc. The Three Eyes Tribe is a tribe known to be highly sought after by the World Government, just like the scholars in Ohara. They are known to be able to read Poneglyphs. That’s why they decided to cover up his identity, and that’s probably the reason why Killer wore a mask and covered his upper head which was nothing but to cover his identity.

Why is Killer Part of the Three Eyes Tribe?

Geeks may be curious why Oda Sensei would want to create a minor character like Killer with various special things and also various powerful abilities. The theory itself suggests that there are several reasons for this. First, Kid was deliberately created by Oda sensei as a rival for Luffy and Kid’s own dream is the same as Luffy’s. So, it makes sense if Oda sensei also presents a character who can read Poneglyphs in Kid’s crew.

After all, why is Kid looking for a copy of Big Mom’s Poneglyph (assuming that’s what he took) if he doesn’t have someone who can read it. Kid himself feels the same as Luffy, they are not too smart to read Poneglyphs so they need someone else to do that. If Luffy has Robin as an intelligent figure who can read Poneglyphs in Luffy’s crew, then Kid has Killer.

Apart from Zoro, Killer is the only Worst Generation not to be a captain and although he is very tough in combat, he is not the strongest. So, the most logical reason is that Killer has other “values” besides fighting, namely his intelligence and his ability to read Poneglyphs.

Kaido Interested in Killer?

We know that Kaido knows about the three eye tribe and their power. So, it feels very strange if Kaido then turns him – through Orochi – into a SMILE devil fruit user for no apparent reason. There are two possibilities that might be the reason why Kaido then turns Killer into a SMILE fruit user.

The first possibility is that Killer may intentionally injure his third eye, which makes Kaido angry and eventually he is no longer interested in Killer. Kaido then orders Orochi to torture Killer and also make him a SMILE devil fruit user. It could also explain why he wears a bandage on the top of his head.

The second scenario is Killer refuses to cooperate with Kaido, so in the end Kaido orders Orochi to destroy his soul and spirit, just like he did to Luffy and Kid. So, the conclusion is that Oda Sensei doesn’t think he will present a Killer figure if he doesn’t have something “special” in him.

If Zoro wants to become the best swordsman in the world, then Killer might want to help Kid realize his dream with something he has, namely his ability to read Poneglyphs. What do you think geeks, do you think Killer is part of the triple eye tribe too? Or is it just a bandage or a wound?

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