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One Piece: Why Doesn’t Shanks Eat Gomu Gomu?

Akagami no Shanks aka Shanks the Red Hair is a captain of the Akagami Pirates and the most respected Yonkou by all his followers. He is a character full of mystery and has inspired Luffy to become a pirate since childhood. Shanks had also saved sea monsters when he was a child by sacrificing his own arm.

Shanks is a reliable Haki user and is also proficient in the sword. That’s why he has a sword called the Griffon and he often carries it with him wherever he goes. Shanks is also a former member of the Roger Pirates. Since childhood, he and Buggy have followed Roger and his group across the ocean.

Although Shanks’ life journey is quite long, he is not a Devil Fruit user like Whitebeard, Marco and others. In fact, Shanks is a thief of the Gomu gomu no Mi fruit or Nika’s devil fruit and has the opportunity to have the power of the Devil Fruit. Then, why did Shanks decide not to consume the devil fruit?

It seems Shanks has a pretty good reason why he doesn’t want Devil Fruit powers. The first reason could be because he wanted to be like Roger. The former Captain Shanks is also a Haki user and proficient in using swords, even Roger’s sword is said to be one of the strongest swords named Ace.

That’s why Shanks also imitates Roger’s pirate path, which is only using Haki and a sword as a source of power that he has. The second reason was that Shanks didn’t want to lose his swimming ability. Shanks didn’t want to lose his swimming ability for a special reason. It is possible that because Shanks has a high enough helping spirit, he is worried that one day he will be forced to swim to help others at sea.

When the ability to swim in the sea is lost, it means that he will not be able to help people who are in trouble. Shanks is also known to be wise and not greedy, as it is proven that he did not eat Nika’s Devil Fruit immediately after stealing it from the World Government. He chose to save it first and was accidentally eaten by Luffy.

Because of his wise attitude, maybe Shanks chose not to be greedy in terms of strength and prefer to deepen the strength that he currently has. Even though Shanks idolizes Roger, he doesn’t seem to have the ambition towards One Piece like Luffy and the other Yonkou. Shanks may feel it is inappropriate to eat the devil fruit too.

As explained in the previous article, there must be a reason why the devil fruit was stolen by Shanks. The most reasonable thing is that Shanks and his group have done research or already know information about the devil fruit, including the tremendous power of the fruit. Based on this, Shanks felt that he did not deserve to eat his devil fruit.

Shanks decided to keep it first and then give it to someone he felt was right or felt it was right in the future. Luckily, that devil fruit was later eaten by Luffy. We can see how Shanks’ attitude changed drastically when Luffy first ate his devil fruit, and when Shanks noticed Luffy’s resemblance to Roger.

Shanks is no longer angry with Luffy, and instead he is willing to “bet” for Luffy for a good future. This means that Shanks realizes that Luffy is not an ordinary person. Luffy will be able to shake the world. And how Shanks is no longer angry after his devil fruit is eaten, because he knows that Luffy is the right person aka the one he has been looking for to give his devil fruit to eat it.

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