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Police officers investigated for playing Disney songs to avoid being filmed

California police used copyrighted Disney music to avoid being filmed. Now, the officers involved are being investigated by the department itself. Last week, officials relied on a YouTube rule that mandates that videos with songs without permission be censored or deleted from the platform to prevent images of them from being released on the internet.

The incident took place in Santa Ana, California around 11pm on April 4. During an investigation into a stolen vehicle, residents were awakened to the sound of a series of Disney tunes being played outside their windows. Songs included “You Got a Friend in Me” by Toy Story“We Don’t Talk About Bruno” by Charm“Image” of Mulan and “Un Poco Loco” by Viva – Life is a Party.

in a video of YouTube, you can see the locals asking why the music is being played. Johnathan Hernandez, a Santa Ana councilor, also appears asking officers: “Guys, what’s going on with the music here?”.

An unidentified police officer told Hernandez that he was playing music from his cell phone and over the car’s speaker system in an attempt to stop a resident, who was recording him, from continuing to do so. The official explained that the action had to do with “copyright infringement”.

A few days later, the councilor gave a statement to the Washington Post about what happened. According to him, his neighbors were scared and confused by the policeman’s behavior. He added that he found it ironic that the police were playing songs from Encanto e Viva in a mostly Latino neighborhood.

Now, the police department has confirmed that it is investigating the incident, declaring itself committed to its service to the community. The episode with the officers continues a series of reports from other police officers who have popularized the practice in recent months. However, while the head of the corporation claimed to be aware of the problem, he stated that it is not a best practice.

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