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‘Scrat Stories’ and ‘Moon Knight’ Episode 3 have arrived on Disney+

For fans who enjoyed the franchise movies The ice Age and laughed a lot with the squirrel that always gets it wrong, all six episodes of Stories from Scrat, a series of short films produced by the extinct Blue Sky. Marvel fans also have reason to celebrate, as the third chapter of moon knightcurrently the most popular content from the entire streaming catalog.

The National Geographic series also entered the platform today The Extraordinary Territory of Scandinaviathe third season of Fancy Nancy Clancy and a new episode of The Radical Family: Bigger and Better. Extreme Flavors with Gordon Ramsay and the second season of Canine Rehabilitation were announced for today, but have not appeared as of press time.

See all the details below.

Ice Age: Stories of Scrat – Season 1

The-Ice-Age-Stories-Of-Scrat-Disney-Plus 'Scrat Stories' and 'Moon Knight' Episode 3 have arrived on Disney+

Six all-new animated adventures from The ice Age starring Scrat, the unlucky saber-toothed squirrel, who experiences the ups and downs of fatherhood as he and the lovable, mischievous Baby Scrat sometimes grow closer and fight for possession of the coveted Acorn.

Moon Knight – T1:E3

Moon Knight-Episode-3 'Scrat Stories' and 'Moon Knight' Episode 3 have arrived on Disney+

The Friendly Type: With Harrow in the lead, Marc and Layla roam around Cairo looking for information.

The Amazing Territory of Scandinavia – Season 1

The-Extraordinary-Territorio-of-Scandinavia-Disney-Plus 'Scrat Stories' and 'Moon Knight' Episode 3 have arrived on Disney+

Scandinavia – home to the infamous Vikings and a land of vast coastlines, high mountains, daring adventurers, ancient civilizations and lush forests. As seen by the Viking gods, the fabled wildernesses of Norway, Finland and Sweden are divine. This is the land of the Vikings, the heart of the natural world, seen in an aerial show.

Fancy Nancy Clancy – Season 3

Fancy-Nancy-Clancy-Disney-Plus 'Scrat Stories' and 'Moon Knight' Episode 3 have arrived on Disney+

Meet six-year-old Fancy Nancy and follow her adventures as she finds the extraordinary in the ordinary. Even when things don’t go as planned for Nancy, she knows she can take any situation and make it fantastic with the support of her family and friends, her puppy Frenchy and her beloved Marabelle doll. Nancy knows there’s nothing fancier than being true to yourself!

The Radical Family: Bigger and Better – T1:E9

The-Biggest-and-Best-Episode-9-Family 'Scrat Stories' and 'Moon Knight' Episode 3 have arrived on Disney+

Bully Raivoso: LaCinerga celebrates its quinceañera.

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