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Secret Headquarters End Credits Scene, Explained

Paramount+’s ‘Secret Headquarters’ is the story of a normal person named Jack that comes across an extraterrestrial source of power that provides him superpowers. As everyone, heroes and villains alike, converge in the direction of the power source, a great deal of points are changed in the training course of just a couple of days. While obtains the opportunity to go back to his original life, Ansel Argon finishes up in a different dimension altogether.

Secret Headquarters End Credits: Where is Ansel Argon?

Ansel Argon’s major objective for getting his hands on the Source was to use its extraordinary powers to advance his very own ends. While he declares to utilize those powers to their complete possibility, also he does not quite recognize what the Source can in fact do. While he concentrated his power on discovering the Source as well as cooked up plans to use it for himself, he really did not pay much focus to the origins of the transcendent energy. However he gets a taste of that in the end.

After much fighting as well as running around the secondary school, Argon finally obtains his hands on the Source. But while he is hectic taking a look at the Source, surprised at obtaining his hands on something so powerful that it will certainly for life alter his life, he does not notice Charlie tossing a bomb his way. He only notifications it when the bomb goes off and the power blast from the Source develops a portal that throws Argon into an entirely various dimension.

It ends up there is much more the Source can do, besides developing tools of damage. In the very first scene, Irons chases after it overhead, yet it isn’t exposed where the Source in fact came from. As a result of its extraterrestrial nature, the government is likewise not extremely keen on allowing the general public know that there is something in the world that has actually come from another world. Due to this, no person really considers upon the question relating to the origins of the Source. Where did it originate from and why did it concern Earth?

Considering this, it wouldn’t be unlikely to think that it likewise has the power to produce a door to the other measurement, maybe also the one that it came from. It tosses Argon there, and it looks like this is something that Source might have developed.

Because we see Argon alone there, it is possible that he has been thrown into an other-dimensional jail, with no means of appearing. He is alone there, and in the dark, which must be really frightening for him, but it is great news for individuals on Earth because now, they are secure from the villain, or at least among them, that wanted to abuse the Source to make the world a better place for himself, yet a much worse one for every person else.

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