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sMothered Francia and also Paula: Everything We Know

While a mother-daughter bond is taken into consideration one of the strongest, TLC’s ‘sMothered’ takes it to an entire new degree and also gives us a preview right into the lives of numerous moms and also daughters that give a new significance to the expression, compulsive love. While a mother can be loving, caring, as well as protective, the people featured on the program cross all boundaries of affection, making audiences examine its feasibility. The over-intimacy as well as, much more frequently than not, awkward nearness shared by the sets make for some fascinating television.

Francia Peñan and also her daughter Paula Contento promptly caught the fans’ attention upon their introduction in ‘sMothered’ period 4. The Pasadena homeowners are the initial Latinx pair to join the show and also are incredibly dense, going so far as to exist naked in bed with each other. Such an out-of-the-box partnership normally makes followers interested to know much more, and below is everything we can tell you concerning Francina and Paula.

Everything We Know About Francia Peña

Initially from Colombia, Paula Contento’s mother, Francia Peña, transferred to the United States in 2004. Incidentally, the former was just 9 years old then, but the mother-daughter duo soon cleared up in the United States and constructed a comfortable life. Followers would be shocked to know that Francia did not know much English when she at first came down on American dirt, yet the language captivated her, and she was quite enthusiastic regarding ending up being fluent in it.

Francia understood English when she was in her 30s, she mentions that she began loving the country’s education and learning system and also finished a training course on Nursing at Pasadena City College in 2008. Subsequently, she sought a Bachelor’s Degree in Global Business from the University of Phoenix and earned a management certification from the Southern California Leadership Network in 2022. Remarkably, ‘sMothered’ wasn’t Francia’s very first foray into the show business as she was an entrant on ‘Minute To Win It’ in 2012.

Since then, Francia launched a renowned specialist life as well as has held numerous prominent settings like an Education Specialist Trainer at Bokwa Fitness, a Project Coordinator at Colombo American Information Office, and also an Adjunct Faculty/Career Coach at Los Angeles Southwest College. Currently, she works as a Community Liaison for the Inglewood, California-based Learn4Life Network.

Francia’s relationship with her child, Paula, may show up uncomfortable and unorthodox to many, yet the Colombian native disclosed that everything she performed in life intended to give Paula with a content life. She also declared to have the most enjoyable with her child as well as discussed that whatever they do, including investing days nude in bed as well as joining tickle fights, adds to making their bond even stronger.

Everything We Know About Paula Contento

Paula Contento transferred to the United States from Colombia with her mom, Francia Peña, in 2004. As she was just nine during that time, she finished most of her schooling in the United States, as well as graduated from the California State University, Northridge, in 2016. Remarkably, Paula has stayed relatively deceptive regarding her occupation, though sources assert she presently works as a Pasadena, California-based Public Health Specialist.

While on the show, it becomes clear that she is accountable for caring for Francia, as she looks after her mother, feeds her, and also loads her lunch boxes. As their bond expanded more powerful, Paula came to be fairly controlling of Francia, as well as the show also documents how she attempted her finest to quit her Colombia-based niece from being adopted by the latter.

Nevertheless, the mother-daughter duo does share a deeply intimate connection, and also Francia seems to have a great deal of love for her child, as she explained Paula as somebody who is empathetic and also likes to prolong an aiding hand to the people around her. The affection Paula and Francia share can obtain upsetting for a couple of, we desire to want them the really best for the years to come.

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