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Spider-Man 3: Artist says who must have leaked Andrew Garfield cameo

The artist and special effects supervisor of Spider-Man: No Return Home, Kelly Port, spoke about her suspicion regarding the leak that revealed the participation of Andrew Garfield before the premiere of the film. Surrounded by rumors ahead of release, Tom Holland’s third solo adventure as Peter Parker featured the iconic villains from the previous franchises, as well as Andrew and Tobey Maguire’s two Spider-Man Variants.

In an interview with Crew runnerKelly Port addressed several subjects, such as the last minute change in Charlie Cox’s Daredevil sceneand took the opportunity to share his theory about the leak of the long-awaited appearance of Garfield.

The supervisor explained that he has reason to believe that the unauthorized disclosure came from a third-party supplier. He commented that the watermark engraved on the images was not enough to keep the secret from being kept. The scene in question showed Andrew wearing his Spider-Man costume on some scaffolding on set, with a blue screen in the background.

It’s just thousands of people. Our VFX team was by far the biggest team out there, and often leaks don’t necessarily come from VFX.“, said Kelly Port. “In this case, I think it was, or a third-party supplier is where I think the leak actually came from. I think the main thing stopping people from doing that is that they’re going to lose their jobs, like, forever. As a studio, when Marvel/Sony sends a sequel to a visual effects studio to start work on, we call it churn. And when they get that, it’s usually sent out as a sequel, and their name is watermarked all over the thing… it’s sort of a preventative remedy.”

Andrew Garfield recently commented on how difficult it was to keep the secret, and that even had to lie to Emma Stone about your participation in No Return Home. In addition to the interviews where he always received the same question, Andrew said he felt very guilty for not telling her closest friends from her high school days. Despite this, the actor later confessed that your family knew everything: “My father, my brother, and my mother, just us”.

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