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Star+ removes 4 movies and 1 series, including ‘The Young Pope’; see the list

In a week of big premieres, which brought the Oscar winner Tammy Faye’s Eyes it’s the end of miniseries The Dropout, starring Amanda Seyfried, was also removed on Star+. In the early hours of Saturday to Sunday, four films and a series were removed from the catalog, including the drama The Young Popewith Jude Law and Diane Keaton, which was available on the platform since the service arrived in Brazil in 2021.

Disney streaming services do not display messages warning you when certain titles are about to come out. In the same way that there was no announcement of the removals, there is also no forecast of the return of The Young Pope and the franchise film series Jurassic Park. Other content that came out, as per notice from the Helison Medeiros on Twitter, it’s the first season of One Against All. Seasons 2 through 4 are still available.

Recently, the film Strangers in the Night came out of the Star+ catalog also at dawn, but returned to the platform in the late afternoon of the same day. If the same thing happens with the titles below, we’ll let you know here. Check out below the titles that left Star+ in the early hours of this Sunday.

The Young Pope – Season 1

The-Young-Pope-Star-Plus Star+ removes 4 movies and 1 series, including 'The Young Pope';  see the list

Lenny Belardo (Jude Law) becomes the first American pontiff to be chosen to lead the Catholic Church. Young and charming, the election of Pope Pius XIII may seem like the result of a simple media ploy, but appearances can be deceiving in the mysterious Vatican.

Jurassic World: The World of Dinosaurs (2015)

Jurassic-World-The-Dinosaur-World Star+ removes 4 movies and 1 series, including 'The Young Pope';  see the list

Jurassic Park, located on Isla Nublar, is finally open to the public. With this, people can check out acrobatic shows with dinosaurs and even take tours very close to them, as they are now domesticated. However, the team led by Dr. Claire begins to carry out genetic experiments with these beings, in order to create new species. One of them acquires much higher intelligence, soon becoming a major threat to human existence.

Jurassic Park III (2001)

Jurassic-Park-3 Star+ removes 4 movies and 1 series, including 'The Young Pope';  see the list

Despite being shaken by his last encounter with living dinosaurs, Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) continues to dedicate his life to studying them and develops a theory about the development of velociraptor intelligence. Desperate for funds to further his research, he accepts an offer from Paul (William H. Macy) and Amanda Kirby (Téa Leoni), two millionaires who want to take an aerial tour of Isla Sorna and who want to hire him to accompany them.

However, during the trip, Dr. Alan Grant discovers the Kirbys’ true intention, which is to go down to Isla Sorna to look for his son, who disappeared there on an expedition eight weeks earlier. Despite Grant’s opposition, they land on the island and end up being attacked by a new species of dinosaur, bigger and fiercer than the Tyrannosaurus rex.

Jurassic Park: The Lost World (1997)

The-Lost-World-Jurassic-World Star+ removes 4 movies and 1 series, including 'The Young Pope';  see the list

John Hammond calls chaos theorist Ian Malcolm home to deliver some terrifying news: While nearly everything in Jurassic Park has been destroyed, its engineers appear to have a second location where other dinosaurs are hiding. Apparently the dinosaurs on the second island are alive and well and even mating. Hammond wants Malcolm to observe and document the creatures before mercenaries get to them.

Jurassic Park: The Dinosaur Park (1993)

Jurassic-Park-The-Dinosaur-Park Star+ removes 4 movies and 1 series, including 'The Young Pope';  see the list

A park built by a millionaire has several dinosaurs as inhabitants, extinct sixty-five million years ago. This is possible because a fossilized insect was found, which had sucked the blood of these dinosaurs, from which DNA, the chemical code of life, could be isolated and, from this point, recreated in the laboratory. But what seemed like a dream becomes a nightmare when the experience gets out of the control of its creators.

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