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Steven Mauck: Where is Convicted Rapist Now?

The ninth episode of Lifetime’s ‘#TextMeWhenYouGetHome’ information the story of a home baker called Justina Rucinski, that was raped in her home in Burlington, Iowa, in August 2019, by a man later on determined as Steven Mauck. He pertained to Justina’s place under the guise of a customer before he compelled himself on her at gunpoint. If you’re curious to find out what happened to Steven considering that then, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Steven Mauck?

According to public documents, Steven Mauck lived in Indiana and also Florida in the past. At the time of the occurrence, though, he called Burlington his home with a roomie, Angel Amack. Steven’s fierce background was well documented in court records. In June 2017, he struck a female who was his companion at the time. After a debate, Steven supposedly choked her till she lost consciousness. It was stated in the records that once she woke up, he took her to her kid’s area, choking her yet again till she lost consciousness.

As per records, Steven after that forced the female to the room, tying her hands up as well as sexually attacking her. The issue stated that Steven really did not quit there either, striking her head with a hammer prior to leaving in her automobile. While the lady originally filed a protective order versus Steven, she terminated it, saying he was in “counseling for PTSD.”

One night in August 2019, Steven showed up at Justina Rucinski’s home in Burlington, Iowa. When invited in, Justina claimed he raped her at gunpoint. According to her, Steven said, “I have a gun.

Justina later on informed the cops that Steven saw her shower as well as get cleansed up after the attack. While the rape set found the presence of Steven’s seminal fluid, he kept they never ever had sex.

Steven affirmed as well as took the stand that while he was at Justina’s house as well as they made love, they never made love. Steve claimed he was welcomed over by Justina for a chat however claimed she began discussing some individual problems. After aiding Justina browse to Iowa Courts Online, he specified that she put her feet on his lap. According to Steven, they kissed, and also massages were involved, but he didn’t make love with Justina as a result of his shame over being wed.

Where is Steven Mauck Today?

Steven additionally stated that Justina supplied to drive him home and also offer him cash. Apart from the rape package testing favorable for Steven’s critical fluids, a swab from Justina’s abdomen evaluated positive for his sperm.

In January 2020, Steven was sentenced to 25 years in prison. He would certainly not be eligible for parole unless he confesses he raped Justina and also consents to take part in a sex-related culprit program. Jail documents indicate that Steven continues to be incarcerated at the Iowa Medical as well as Classification Center in Coralville, Johnson County.

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