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Stranger Things Theory: Eddie In fact 010 From the Hawkins Lab Massacre

A Stranger Things concept recommends that Eleven wasn’t the only guinea pig to endure the Hawkins Lab Massacre, and that Eddie Munson is in fact 010.

Season 4, Volume 1, currently streaming on Netflix.

Unfamiliar person Things is no stranger to phony fatalities. Dr. Brenner was presumed dead after being attacked by a Demogorgon at the end of Season 1, however he endured. Dr. Owens must have died in Season 2, however he didn’t. In Season 3, Hopper was supposed to be dead after compromising himself to close the gateway to the Upside Down, however he also survived. Season 4 already had its “needed” fake death. Viewers thought that Henry Creel was eliminated in 1959, but he was in fact a despicable killer– who after that ended up being Vecna. Some viewers are persuaded that Stranger Things is hiding another phony death in Season 4.

After a routine early morning for Dr. Brenner, he made his means to the Hawkins National Laboratory and also got to work. Originally, the season made it look like Eleven snapped and also killed every person. A Reddit theory recommends that one more one of Brenner’s test subjects made it out to life.

The theory, uploaded to Reddit by u/no _ one_here_123, mentions that 010 from Brenner’s laboratory became and also survived the carnage Eddie Munson. It’s become a bit of a questionable theory as it’s made its means around the net, but there is some supporting proof. Below’s a fast appearance at why Eddie might be 010.

Why Eddie Munson Is 010 From The Hawkins Lab

The initial piece of proof comes from Stranger Things’ present day. When Eddie and Chrissy fulfill in the woods for a medicine deal, the two of them get on pretty well. Throughout their conversation, Eddie claims that he looked different when they initially satisfied because he used to have a haircut in intermediate school. While that’s far from evidence, haircut in Stranger Things generally point to Eleven and the various other Hawkins Lab guinea pig. From the means Chrissy chatted, it appeared like Eddie simply revealed up in Hawkins out of nowhere.

Numerous fans would certainly say that 010 passed away in the flashback scene, but that isn’t 100 percent validated. Plainly, it resembled 010 died, specifically when Dr. Brenner supported him in his arms. Things is, all the other subjects as well as lab employees were mangled with bloody tracks on their faces. 010’s face was covered he entire time. So, maybe that was hiding the fact that he wasn’t dead, even if Brenner thought he was. Possibly he was as well as endured taken away by someone after the fact.

The whole thing could be proven when Eddie initially discovers Eleven. A person having superpowers is a rather big deal, but Eddie wasn’t fazed. He possibly doesn’t bear in mind the lab or the reality that he has powers if the theory is real. Much like Eleven, his mind most likely obstructed the memory of the carnage from mindful idea, however his lack of response to the superpower revelation tips that his subconscious recognizes what’s going on. With all the evidence, it’s absolutely possible that Eddie is 010.

Why Eddie Munson Is Not 010 From The Hawkins Lab

While there is proof that Eddie is 010, there is additionally proof on the contrary. The timeline is simply a bit off. Chrissy claimed that she knew Eddie in intermediate school. On the other hand, it resembled 010 was about 12-years-old throughout the bloodbath, which would have him in 7th grade. Even if 010 survived, the odds of him being integrated into a typical life (after years of isolation and that terrible of an experience) would be not likely.

There’s additionally the reality that Eddie uses a monitor his left wrist. Some fans think that he’s hiding his “010” tattoo, yet he took the watch off to reveal Nancy the moment– and absolutely nothing took place. If the watch really was concealing a tattoo, it would certainly be weird to have a scene focused on his watch and also absolutely nothing come it. The final little evidence, though, is a crucial distinction in between Eddie and 010’s physical look. While they look alike with a general glance, Eddie’s eyes are brown and also 010’s eyes are blue. Of course, all of this could be explained away in Volume 2, as well as Eddie can still be 010. Followers will certainly simply have to wait and see if 010’s fatality was the current in a string of Stranger Things fake deaths.

To see if Eddie Munson is 010, view Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2 on Netflix, which premieres on July 1.

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