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Summer Time Rendering: The Mysteries of the Hishigata Clinic Hint at a Disturbing Revelation

In Episode 10 of Summer Time Rendering, Shinpei, Ushio, as well as Sou, go into the strange Hishigata Clinic. What ominous things could’ve taken place there?

In Episode 10 of Summer Time Rendering, Shinpei, Ushio, as well as Sou get in the mysterious Hishigata Clinic. Inside they find weird abandoned passages, a sculpture of Hiruko, harmful chemicals, secret underground passages, as well as baby-like shadows.

Hishigata Clinic was an old clinic had by the Hishigata family for over a century. Sou Hishigata however knows nothing regarding the center, as it was believed to be deserted for decades. Nonetheless, Shadows have actually been regularly found near this spoiled facility and our lead characters bravely venture in to check out.

Exploring inside the center, the group locates what feels like an eye examination sheet is posted along the wall. Sou informs Shinpei that the Hishigata Clinic was built in the Meiji period which mored than a hundred years back. It was stated abandoned in the 1960’s according to Sou. As a result of Ushio’s shadow capabilities, Shinpei asks her to browse the 2nd floor as they are unable to get up.

While Ushio browses the second flooring, Sou stumbles upon a medicine closet with the labels “Medicine” as well as “Toxins”. Mercuric chloride is located which has a massive background. Mercuric chloride is a not natural mix of mercury and chlorine. It was used in the past for ailments such as measles, syphilis, and yaws. It is no more suggested as a result of being an incredibly hazardous chemical. It has a background of people dedicating suicide with it or poisoning others. Shinpei later locates old client documents and also prescriptions littered throughout the floor. Individuals of the facility had illnesses such as stomach pneumonia, bronchitis, and also flu.

Shinpei and Sou then come across a sculpture of Hiruko, the leech god. There’s also a sculpture of Ebisu, who in Japanese folklore is that Hiruko transforms right into after being taken treatment of by the Ainu. She after that spots a photo cd of the Hishigata family.

Ushio detects a darkness nearby, and also the team sneaks around to examine it out. It transforms out it’s a darkness in the kind of a child, with its mind noticeable. After beating this darkness, the group heads into a cave and also is ultimately surrounded by several of these darkness infants.

Checking out the hints to what can’ve been taking place below, Hishigata Clinic can have been a children’s clinic back in the Meiji Era that explored on children to produce biochemical weapons or superhumans for battle. The clues below are the Mercuric Chloride which is a deadly toxin, the statue of Hiruko, a warped child in Japanese folklore, and the darkness babies which have minds as well as are formed like and also cry like human babies. Probably, there were scary experiments going on in these tunnels as the battle during the Meiji duration was taking place.

The government could not have actually understood due to the isolation of the island situated in the inland Sea of Japan. Another concept of what might’ve taken place below is that Hiruko, being the leech god, can have tempted in the soldiers and also the people of the clinic down right into Hiruko’s possible below ground temple, killed them, as well as developed Shadows.

Hiruko being revealed as an antagonist doesn’t seem away as the darkness children are exactly how Hiruko was defined in Japanese folklore. Hiruko was birthed warped and cast away to sea to pass away as a baby. Whatever the case, it is clear that something disturbing taken place right here, as Tokiko appears to have actually currently found out about the Shadows, as well as felt an enormous level of regret as we have heard her say sorry and say loudly that “this isn’t why she soiled her hands,” in Episode 4 of Summer Time Rendering.

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