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Susan Templet: Where is Anthony Templet Step-Mom Now?

Netflix’s ‘I Just Killed My Dad’ is a three-part docuseries that delves into the situations bordering Burt Templet’s death at the hands of his son, Anthony Templet. Susan Templet, Anthony’s stepmother, shared her experience living with Burt and the misuse she endured.

Who is Susan Templet?

Susan and Burt initially met in 2008 at a sports bar in Louisiana with a close friend. At the time, Anthony was just seven years old. The couple eventually began cohabiting, and also Susan elevated Anthony as her very own. She thought that he was funny and carefree. Over time, Anthony started to alter, and also on the program, she talked regarding how it was challenging to decode what he felt because he rarely displayed any type of emotion.

Examination upload the shooting event exposed that Burt had actually taken Anthony from his biological mother when he was about 5 years old and subjected him to a pattern of abuse. Burt was secretive about Anthony and also declared he was homeschooled. Susan kept in mind just how she showed him to write the alphabet and also taught him some mathematics. Nevertheless, she claimed that Burt asked her not to educate him due to the fact that he could use a calculator rather.

She further discussed that Burt constantly had the home under monitoring and maintained a note of the household participants’ every relocation. Susan included, “Burt had an application on his phone– with every movement on an electronic camera, he would certainly get a message of what was going on.

Points came to a head in March 2019 when Susan left after a debate with Burt turned into him literally attacking her. According to her, in January 2019, throughout a debate, Burt shattered points on the ground and punched her in the head. The pattern was evident because, in another incident from December 2018, Burt punched her, leading her eye to start hemorrhaging.

Where is Susan Templet Today?

While Susan left promptly after the occurrence in March 2019, she couldn’t take Anthony with her. Due to the fact that she thought Burt would certainly have come after her, that’s. Susan supported no prison sentence for Anthony, that was released on supervised probation and also lived with her. She stated of him, “Anthony is my youngster. I do not see him as a stepson. I see him as my kid due to the fact that I know he has nobody. He has nobody to back up him.” Susan currently stays in Zachary, Louisiana, and seems to be doing better now. It appears that she delights in spending time with her family members as well as assisting Anthony go on with his life.

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