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The 10 Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers for Blasting Your Music

One of life’s little luxuries is blasting music while you shower off the bad news and gross subway gunk accumulated over a day out in the world—or the dust mites accumulated over a day of sitting on the couch. Maybe it’s the loudest, most head-rattling songs you collected in a single playlist to sing, or rather scream, along too. Maybe it’s soulful slow jams, because shower time is also solemn reflection time. Maybe it’s “Easy on Me” on repeat, forever. No judgement. These are mopey, “Easy on Me” kinds of days.

What really injects unnecessary stress into that experience is the precarious balancing of your very expensive smartphone on the edge of the tub or the top of the shower door so you can hear the music properly. It’s going to fall. It’s going to get water damaged. You’re not going to want to pay a lot of money to fix that. Instead, pay a little money for a Bluetooth speaker that you can keep in the shower.

Since you’re probably not interested in unloading a bunch of cash on an intense speaker system for the shower—you’ll only need it for a few minutes every day, after all—we rounded up a range of wireless, waterproof Bluetooth speakers that aren’t too expensive. And then we also chose a few that’ll give your bathroom a nicer sound system than your TV room, for kicks. All 10 are easy to anchor in your shower to stream all your shower songs without fear of droplets infiltrating the gadgetry.

SB510 HD Bluetooth Shower Speaker



It isn’t fancy. But SoundBot’s shower speaker does the job, with a suction cup for the bathroom wall and big buttons for easy control. You can even take speaker phone calls while it’s in use in your shower. Just, you know, don’t.

Battery life: 6 hours

Soundcore 2 Bluetooth Speaker


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For the best sound quality under $40, Anker’s Soundcore 2 is a really solid option—especially considering its bass tones. It is waterproof and thus fit for the shower, but you’ll need a little more shelf space than, say, the JBL GO 2 (next on this list), since its base is longer. The buttons are nice and big, and the battery life is really superb—fit for hours and hours of longer-than-necessary showers.

Battery life: 24 hours

GO 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker



JBL’s GO 2 is the first of these speakers to offer noteworthy audio quality despite a miniscule size—it isn’t robust sound, but it isn’t whispery, either. The speaker is fully waterproof, and it’s tiny, meaning you can find a place to set it just about anywhere in your bathroom. And with its 12 colorways, it’ll match the decor. Any decor.

Battery life: 5 hours

X21 Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker with FM Radio



The X21 speaker isn’t fully waterproof; it’s protected against water splashes but not full submersion. If you set it up high or hang it from a safe distance, however, it’s safe. Where it really wins is music-playing options. Not only does it connect to your phone via Bluetooth, it also has an SD slot so you can load up MP3 files the old-fashioned way, and it even broadcasts old-old-fashioned FM radio—in case you need to catch up on NPR while you bathe.

Battery life: 10 hours

CLIP 3 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker



There’s room on this list for two JBL speakers, because this one is a little better but a little more expensive. Clip it to the curtain or shower head with the built-in carabiner, and it’ll fill the bathroom with loud, pretty-decent-sounding music. The buttons are nicely tactile, too. 

Battery life: 10 hours

No Bounds Waterproof Speaker



Points for style go to House of Marley, which makes its speakers out of sustainably sourced materials that look naturally low-key cool. This waterproof model will float in a bath (courtesy of its cork back), in case you’d like to keep it close by while you soak, but also hangs from its carabiner. 

Battery life: 10 hours

SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker



Bose is known for crisp, great-sounding speakers, which, if you’re fancy, you can set up in your bathroom. If this little speaker is up to the task of entertaining an outdoor party, it’s certainly up to supplying you with music while you shower. The SoundLink Micro is fully waterproof and has a strap you can use to hang it up, but unfortunately, the battery life isn’t great.

Battery life: 6 hours

BOOM 3 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker



UE’s BOOM 3 is just a really good speaker. It isn’t built for showers in particular, but if you can spend the money, it’s your best option for quality audio with rich bass, intuitive controls, and waterproofing. It sits on a shelf or hangs from a loop (you’ll have to buy a clip). You can even buy two and link them together for surround sound in your bathroom. Hey, it’s an option. Guaranteed that if you buy that second one for the bathroom, you’ll quickly want more for the rest of your house.

Battery life: 15 hours

Sonos Roam



Sonos, master of the home audio domain, released its first genuinely portable and waterproof Bluetooth speaker this year. It’s a good one. If you’re already tapped into the Sonos ecosystem, you won’t need much convincing here. If you aren’t, believe us when we say the audio is crisp, the companion app is actually useful, and the diminutive, streamlined design is ideal for any trip—including trips to the bathroom for long, hot, soundtracked showers.

Moxie Bluetooth Speaker Showerhead



Kohler knows its way around a bathroom fixture. A speaker, not so much. So it leaned on Harman Kardon to supply that technology within its Moxie showerhead. It’s the most literal take on “shower speaker” on this list, but you can also remove the speaker portion to take with you or charge on its dock. 

Battery life: 9 hours

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