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The 10 Weirdest Defense In Group Fortress 2

Group Fortress 2 was launched all the method back on October 10, 2007, however it still has an active gamer base, even to this really day, usually sitting in between 75,000 and 85,000 active gamers throughout peak hours. And though it’s an exceptionally old team-based shooter in contrast to others on the marketplace today, it’s still got an unique place in lots of fans’ hearts due to its vibrant world and similarly lively cast of characters.

Every character comes total with their own distinct set of weapons. Nevertheless, there are some secondary weapons such as shotguns that are shared among several characters. And while lots of weapons within the game are rather practical, there are likewise a lots of goofy weapons that are downright unusual.

10 The Soda Popper For The Scout

The Soda Popper is the only unusual weapon that’s a weapon. Most of Group Fortress 2‘s wackiness is placed on screen with the game’s variety of vibrant melee weapons. This specific weapon is community-created also, suggesting that it was initially fanmade prior to formally ending up being a part of the game.

The Soda Popper resembles the Scout’s Force-A-Nature, because they’re both semi-broken, double-barrel shotguns that are quickly held together. The additional addition that The Soda Popper has, and what makes it so unusual, is the soda can nestled below the barrels.

9 The Holy Mackerel For The Scout

The Holy Mackerel is precisely what it seems – it’s a melee weapon that’s basically simply a huge fish. In the very same vein as The Soda Popper, it was a community-created weapon that was later on taken into the game.

The Holy Mackerel is involved paper and held together with an elastic band so the user does not need to really grip the fish’s tail. It works the like the Default Bat, other than the kill feed will check out “FISH KILL!” if gamers land the last hit with this specific weapon.

8 Unarmed Battle For The Scout

The Scout has the wackiest weapons out of any one class in the game, with another among them being the Unarmed Battle. Like the 2 prior to it, Unarmed Battle is another community-created weapon that was formally taken into the game.

One fascinating information is that the color of the sleeve will alter depending upon if the gamer is on the RED or BLU group. It works the very same method as the Holy Mackerel, however the kill feed text rather checks out “ARM KILL!”

7 Wrap Assassin For The Scout

The Wrap Assassin is the 4th and last of the weirdest weapons that are solely for usage on the Scout. Like the others, it’s likewise a community-created weapon, and, like the Unarmed Battle, its covering in addition to the accessory will alter colors depending upon if the gamer is RED or BLU.

By utilizing alternate fire, gamers can introduce an accessory that triggers a bleed result on anybody it strikes. The bat itself just does thirty-five percent of the base Bat’s damage, so it’s not a great weapon for melee fight, however utilizing it for its bleed homes can be advantageous.

6 Rainblower For The Pyro

The Rainblower works precisely the like the stock Flame Thrower and is how the Pyro views their own weapon. It’s just noticeable to other classes if they gear up among the weapons or devices that permits them to see what’s referred to as Pyroland.

Anybody who isn’t in Pyroland will simply see the default Flame Thrower. Befitting its name, rather of shooting out scorching-hot flames, the Rainblower shoots out a rainbow. Rather of the normal audio impacts, it’s altered to seem like wind chimes and blowing bubbles rather.

5 Lollichop For The Pyro

Comparable to the Rainblower, the Lollichop, likewise just equipable on the Pyro, permits gamers who utilize it to see Pyroland. In regards to fight, this weapon works the precise like the Pyro’s stock Fire Axe.

The color of the Lollichop, like others on this list, will alter depending upon the gamer’s group. It even features an unique taunt, where the Pyro twirls the weapon around prior to holding it above their heads.

4 Hot Hand For The Pyro

The Hot Hand is another melee weapon just equipable on the Pyro. Though, unlike the other Pyro-specific weapons noted, this one does not give the user Pyrovision. It looks comparable to the gloves that firemens utilize, with the fingers being totally charred.

Rather of just dealing one blow like most melee weapons, the Hot Hand rather deals 2 fast, successive slaps. If gamers handle to eliminate somebody with this weapon, the kill feed will check out “SLAP KILL!”

3 Bread Bite For The Heavy

The Bread Bite is a Heavy-exclusive melee weapon that referrals the short Group Fortress 2 movie, “Expiration Date.” The set of gloves is really a bread beast from the movie, ripped in half and made into an unscripted set of gloves.

If that wasn’t unusual enough, the Bread Bite has idle animations where it takes a look around and will periodically bite at the gamer. It likewise bites whenever the gamer punches, however this is simply for cosmetic functions and will not deal any additional damage to opponents.

2 Solemn Vow For The Medic

The Solemn Vow is a melee weapon for the Medic. It’s a bust of Hippocrates, who is frequently described as the “Father of Medicine.” Beneath the head, it checks out “Do No Harm,” which is the assisting concept of the Hippocratic Oath.

Although it has the very same attack homes as the Medic’s base weapon, it has a 10 percent lower attack speed. Nevertheless, that’s not why gamers would utilize this weapon. Rather, having this weapon in the gamer’s loadout lets them see opponent health, names, and Ubercharge portion of any opponent Medics. This is possible even when the gamer isn’t actively holding the weapon.

1 Jarate For The Sniper


Team Fortress 2 Jarate

Out of all of the weapons in Group Fortress 2, Jarate for the Sniper needs to be the strangest of them all. Without being too detailed, it’s precisely what it appears like, and it’s fitting for a character who invests all of his time separated in a camper van.

It’s a useful tool for finding cloaked opponent Spies or snuffing out oneself and one’s allies from Pyro flames. Opponents who are struck with the Jarate have their screen tinted yellow for the next twenty seconds, and all damage dealt to them remains in the type of mini-crits.

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