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The Office: Darryl Actor Wants His Character In A Series Reboot

Craig Robinson, Darryl’s interpreter in The Office, declared his support for a possible reboot of the sitcom. In recent times, much has been said about bringing back the series created by Greg Daniels in order to take advantage of the wave of revivals of classic productions such as Twelve is too much, Fresh prince of Bel Air, Gilmore Girls, That 70s Show, etc. Although the producer has already said that it is not an option at the moment, many continue to bring the matter up.

Robinson, who appeared on a recurring basis on the show as the head of warehouse workers at Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton unit, is one of them. In an interview with The Daily Beastthe actor expressed a desire to see a reboot of The Office happen and said that if the creator is involved, he’d love to see what Darryl is up to these days.

If they said, ‘Hey, we’re having a meeting’ or something, I’d say, ‘Hey, what’s up? What is Darryl doing now?’ If Greg Daniels is leading then it will be fantastic“, he said.

The actor also talked about the role of his character among the other figures present there. Robinson considers Darryl “the voice of reason” on the show, describing it as a “hardworking guy who was just trying to take care of his daughter and move forward any way he could, which slowly and steadily ended up winning the race”. His easygoing confidence made him a particularly big opponent for Michael Scott.

On the other hand, Steve Carell’s character, who was a centerpiece of how the sitcom worked, represents one of the main reasons why a reboot might not happen. Previously, the actor has expressed skepticism about the idea, saying that audiences loved the show for what it was and that if they try to bring it back, it won’t be the same.

Even so, Robinson isn’t the only original cast member to declare his support for the concept, as Dwight Schrute actor Rainn Wilson is also keen to return, making a revival still have a chance.

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