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The Ted Series is Officially Created!

First released in 2012, Ted is a comedy genre film that became Seth MacFarlane’s debut as a director, writer, and voice actor in one film. Co-written with Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild, this quirky film focuses on a teddy bear who can talk and has an overly “adult” mindset. The success of his first film, which earned revenues of 7.8 trillion rupiah, spawned a sequel entitled Ted 2 in 2015 which was equally successful financially.

Co-starring Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis as lovers John Bennett and Lori Collins, both films Ted many tell the daily life that is being lived by the couple with a teddy bear named Ted (MacFarlane). Instead of being funny and adorable, Ted is actually described as a quirky doll who often gets drunk and speaks rudely. Even though John and Ted fought a lot, in the end the two of them remained friends no matter the odds.

After being announced in 2021, recently, an update news regarding the series Ted finally released by streaming channel Peacock. This latest detail announcement has revealed the lineup of crew and cast that will be involved in the series. MacFarlane is sure to direct each episode, as well as acting as writer, showrunner, and executive producer alongside Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh, who were previously involved in the comedy series. King of the Hill (1997).

The series, which is intended to air on the Peacock streaming channel, will tell the prequel story of Ted and 16-year-old John. The quirky teddy bear will be voiced by MacFarlane again, and the character of young John will be played by Max Burkholder (film the Purges, serial Grey’s Anatomy, Invincible). In addition to the main cast, the series Ted will also star Giorgia Whigham (13 Reasons Why) as Blaire and Scott Grimes (The Orville) as John’s father Matty.

This latest announcement also marks a serious step for the Peacock streaming channel to expand its reach. Apart from serial Tedpreviously they also had Announce Serial Casper which fans have been anticipating. Will these two series involving these popular characters succeed in making Peacock more widely known? Only time can answer that. We’ll just have to wait for news about the series Ted this is it, geeks.

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