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Tommy Martino Now: Where is Tim Donaghy Friend Today?

Netflix’s ‘Untold: Operation Flagrant Foul’ is a documentary we can just refer to as equal parts astounding as well as shocking owing to the basic fact it graphes the 2007 NBA wagering detraction. Besides, it was then-distinguished referee Timothy “Tim” Donaghy that was gambling on his own ready a minimum of a year to not simply please his addiction but additionally benefit his two co-conspirators. Among them was the man his former better half Kim Donaghy described as his for life “partner in crime”– Thomas “Tommy” Martino– so now allow’s find out all there’s to learn about him, shall we?

Who is Thomas “Tommy” Martino?

Tommy hails from a seemingly average, tight-knit family, he always recognized he was a little various from everyone else considering that he “made a lot of bad decisions as a youngster.” He confessed in the production that “eventually when I remained in very first grade, this bird took a sh * t on the pole, and also I’m thinking to myself, ‘I wish to taste the bird sh * t.’ [So I did and also] felt this out-of-body experience.” The Pennsylvania native then added, “Maybe beforehand, I had a propensity for risk-taking,” indicating he recognized maybe difficulty playing the middleman in the gambling system, yet he did it anyhow.

Tommy, Tim, and also James “Jimmy” “Baba” Battista had participated in the very same Cardinal O’Hara High School, but the former was the only shared link a few years later on given that he was close friends with both. Tim as well as Jimmy were mere associates until the latter asked his friend to establish a conference due to the fact that he ‘d familiarize the NBA referee’s gambling problem as well as had fairly a financially rewarding concept. The trio for this reason involved an arrangement around 2006, with Tommy taking up the considerable duty of mediator for basically no payment in all, according to his candid account in the original.

“You know, it’s unusual since I was doing it for nothing,” Tommy claimed. “But I will claim this, whenever I did drop money off to Timmy, he would provide me a few of it.” The main himself included, “When Tommy included that brownish paper bag full of cash [like they carry out in the flicks], we mosted likely to the nicest strip clubs, like we were rockstars, that you could ever before envision.” Whether the intermediary made a certain amount from each bet within this plot is vague, yet he was directly connected to the offense through phone documents of the calls in between him and also the various other two guys.

Where is Thomas “Tommy” Martino Now?

Even though it came to light that Tommy had a previously undiagnosed personality disorder, he did ultimately plead guilty to a single count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud. In July 2008, a federal judge sentenced him to 366 days in prison, and he was also ordered to pay $233,317 in restitution (alongside his co-conspirators) to the NBA for cheating them.

Thomas “Tommy” Martino was come close to concerning offering the rights to his life for a feasible movie not long after he got out, and also he did truly consider it because he required the cash. Thankfully, though, he first spoke to a relative regarding it, that ended up getting the rights himself since the initial deal was discriminatory– these turn of events resulted in ‘Inside Game’ reviving. It is a Randall Batinkoff-directed and also Paul Martino-co-produced flick on the same 2007 scandal.

It appears as if Tommy has since managed to build a good life for himself in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as a family man as well as an honest worker. From what we can tell, he’s an integral participant of the team at the beauty parlor had by his brother Nirvana Hair Gallery, and also he’s happily married to a woman called Ashley, with whom he shares an expanding family members. He’s in fact quite energetic on his social media systems, so you can check them out for a deeper insight into his everyday experiences.

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