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TOP 10 Naruto Characters Who Fight With A Partner

Some shinobi like Madara Uchiha tend to fight alone, however others constantly want a team or a trusted partner by their side.

The tale of Naruto is everything about elite shinobi, the amazing ninjutsu techniques they utilize, and their shonen-style feeling of teamwork. A few shinobi really run alone due to the fact that they are so effective or just have a lone-wolf mindset, however the majority of Naruto’s best battles included tiny groups or companions combating their enemies with each other.

In action anime like Naruto, some personalities have long time or official partners, possibly bound by a wonderful contract or by the military force they help. In various other instances, these collaborations are less official and could only last for a couple of battles, yet it’s still inspiring to see these Naruto ninja battle as a set.

Zabuza Momochi Always Brings Haku Along

The Demon of the Bloody Mist is the fearsome swordsman who made use of to fight solo, and also he solitarily butchered all the various other genin in his graduating class back home in the Hidden Mist Village. Then he fulfilled an orphan young boy named Haku that possessed an ice mirror-based kekkei genkai.

Since then, both of them have actually fought as a rogue duo, and also they have a remarkably tight bond deserving of any protagonist. Inevitably, they were villains as well as passed away thus, however Zabuza did retrieve himself a bit before he died by Haku’s side on the unfinished bridge.

Minato Namikaze Fought Alongside Gamabunta

Naruto’s late father, the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze, really did not normally combat alone. He could certainly dispatch virtually any adversary in single combat with his unrivaled rate as well as his Rasengan jutsu, yet he is a team player who likes having strong backup.

Minato was when gotten with the mighty large toad Gamabunta, and they usually fought together. The primary example is when Minato and Gamabunta encountered the fearful Kurama on the evening Minato’s child, Naruto, was birthed.

Sakon Always Has Ukon With Him

The atrocious shinobi called Sakon declares to be the strongest of the Sound Four ninja, and he simply might be. This evil shinobi can utilize body horror jutsu to fuse his flesh with that of his foe, such as having his head sprout from his opponent’s shoulder.

Sakon doesn’t do any of this alone. His sibling, Ukon, is constantly with him, normally saved inside Sakon’s body for even more body scary roguishness. They can either combat as two bodies in one or finally split apart to fight their opponents as a tag group with their curse marks energetic.

Kiba Inuzuka Fights With Akamaru

The melee ninja called Kiba Inuzuka belongs to the Konoha 11 team, however since he always brings his canine companion Akamaru along, it’s more like the Konoha 11.5. Akamaru is a smart ninja pet who can comprehend human speech and collaborate with Kiba to carry out devastating tag-team techniques.

Examples include Fang Over Fang, a taijutsu-based relocation that almost finished off Naruto Uzumaki in their battle during the chunin test. Kiba later on utilized this step versus Sakon and also Ukon, though by Shippuden, Kiba wasn’t doing much any longer. At least Akamaru was remarkably large as a wolf-like canine by then.

Deidara Fought With Sasori, Then Tobi/Obito

The explosive bad guy ninja called Deidara got away the Hidden Stone Village as well as later joined the Akatsuki, lending them his awesome earth/fire launch talents. As well as like the majority of Akatsuki members, Deidara is usually designated a partner, with the puppet-using Sasori being the initial of Deidara’s known companions.

Sasori later on passed away at Chiyo and also Sakura’s hand, so Deidara was later joined the obnoxious concealed Tobi, who just bummed around all day. Little did Deidara recognize that he was truly battling together with Obito Uchiha in camouflage.

Chiyo Fought With Sakura’s Help

Probably in her younger years, the Sand Village kunoichi Chiyo battled without a partner, requiring only her weaponized, chakra-fueled creatures to defeat her opponents. Yet throughout her brief time in Naruto Shippuden, Chiyo needed the clinical kunoichi Sakura Haruno by her side to stand a chance against Sasori.

Chiyo attempted dealing with Sasori on his own terms, only to wind up using Sakura as a living creature when the last volunteered for the role. Only with their mixed abilities could Chiyo as well as Sakura accomplishment, as well as Sakura smashed Sasori to bits of wood as well as steel with her hands. Chiyo was amazed.

Nagato Needs Konan By His Side

The red-headed ninja Nagato hailed from the Land of Rain, and he was youth close friends with both Yahiko and also Konan. He also had the Rinnegan eyes, something that stunned even Jiraiya, and he later made use of those eyes to regulate the Six Paths of Pain from another location.

Nagato is powerless while he’s managing Pain, though. For protection, he has his paper-wielding friend Konan to secure him, and unless Konan’s paper is neutralized with oil, she is a powerful boxer. Nagato is secure with his companion around.

Jiraiya Often Fights With Gamabunta

The popular toad sage Jiraiya is connected to the toads of Mount Myoboku, as well as he normally combats with one or more of them by his side. He summoned Ma and Pa to sustain him throughout the fight versus Pain in the Hidden Rain Village, but they aren’t his only allies.

Jiraiya ends up being a true companion warrior when he summons Gamabunta, the king of toads, to fight with him. The best instance was when Jiraiya mobilized Gamabunta to help him handle the ferocious Orochimaru/Manda pair after the chunin examination arc had actually finished.

Tsunade Often Summons Katsuyu To Support Her

Jiraiya isn’t the only Sannin that battles alongside an effective pet. His ally, the slug princess Tsunade, can deal with alone yet often has Katsuyu, her gigantic slug buddy, to back her up. Tsunade mobilized that titanic mollusk to battle Orochimaru and Kabuto.

Tsunade counts heavily on Katsuyu, and also for that reason, she summoned Katsuyu once more to aid her throughout the hopeless battle versus Pain in the Hidden Leaf Village. Particularly, Tsunade used Katsuyu’s mini-slugs to promptly pass on messages to Naruto, Kakashi, and also other allies.

Kinkaku Never Fights Without Ginkaku

Kinkaku as well as his sibling, Ginkaku, are always in sync, to the point their adversaries can only tell them apart by their hair shade as well as little else. Kinkaku as well as his brother were as soon as eaten by Kurama the fox, but they really did not die because monster’s gut. Instead, they ate their escape as well as ingested some of Kurama’s chakra, thus their cheek hair patterns.

Kinkaku and also Ginkaku showed up much later in Shippuden as a tag group with a genuinely unique battling design. They can analyze what their enemy’s favorite word is, then lure their foe right into stating it aloud and trap them inside an unique gourd. Darui almost shed to this method till his most typical word changed at the last possible minute.

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