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Twentysomethings: Where Are They Now? Season 1 Cast Today

As the title recommends, ‘Twentysomethings: Austin’ is an extremely entertaining collection that adheres to 8 out-of-towners in their 20s as they transfer to the Texas funding and also learn to navigate every aspect of life under the “brand-new typical.” This unscripted Netflix initial in fact mixes relationships, romances, as well as careers in among one of the most straightforward yet engaging ways possible, which essentially guarantees the actors members’ full authenticity. Now that period 1 of this comfortable show has left us spent in their experiences, allow’s discover out where they are today, shall we?

Natalie Cabo

As a 26-year-old from Miami, Florida, Natalie Cabo transferred to Texas for her first taste of freedom and also progressively recognized that she’s no less than any individual else. The reality that her adorably captivating, silly, as well as helpful nature shone through also assisted her develop favorable relationships, which consequently offered her the confidence to embrace new journeys. With that said stated, Natalie doesn’t share much regarding her life right now, so we can only think that she is probably working in the direction of her dream of owning a non-profit cinema business someday. Besides, she ‘d once stated that she intends to develop shows that’ll increase recognition on social and also political concerns.

Raquel Daniels

She has made it no trick that she not only enjoys her occupation but additionally wants to set an instance, so it appears as if she proceeds to work in the IT market to make a name for herself and also open doors for those who look just like her. As of composing, after calling Austin “highkey, finest time of my life” on Instagram, she has chosen to remain in Texas as well as placed some origins in its modern capital.

Bruce Stephenson

Bruce Stephenson’s journey on ‘Twentysomethings: Austin’ was not what anybody had expected, particularly considering his decision to move back to Greenville, South Carolina, mid-way. However, it’s a choice he does not regret since it allowed him to be near his family and friends. Coming to his career, although his dream work remains in specialist sports or as a star, musician, or high school instructor, Bruce seems pleased with being a licensed representative for his daddy’s car, home, and also commercial insurance firm in the meantime. Albeit, he possibly is working in the direction of accomplishing his goals on the side.

Abbey Humphreys

As a 26-year-old initially from Houston, Texas, Abbey Humphreys is a proud bisexual whose certain and also strong personality leads her to have no agitations concerning claiming what’s on her mind and also facing the music. In addition to being newly divorced, she additionally graduated from college reasonably lately, which implies that her expert journey is just starting. All we know is that the Austin-based bartender looks fairly pleased with where she stands today, primarily since she is slowly returning on her feet and even moved right into her actual own area (her initial in a while) to reveal for it.

Keauno Perez

Keauno Perez was heartbroken to leave his job as a Residence Education Coordinator at the University of Arkansas, where he ‘d been used for virtually five years, to migrate to Texas. Yet, it was simply something he had to perform in order to start living rather than just existing, as well as he attained the objective. After all, although it’s unclear whether he has since located a job in the eclectic new city or otherwise, he can currently proudly admit that he’s gay, a reality he hesitated of plain 3 years back. Keauno, additionally called Keke, seems material to be surrounded by his encouraging household and also buddies.

Isha Punja

Isha Punja, a University of California– Berkeley alum, is the Designer and also Creative Director of Hut Mentality, a brand name that provides hand-tailored items acquired right from regional Indian craftsmens. Her business was included in a problem of British Vogue lately, as well as the clothes were additionally presented at New York Fashion Week as soon as. Hence, when combined with her products doing well in an Austin shop, as discovered in the Netflix original, it’s clear that her hard work is transforming rewarding. Isha is specifically where she requires to be, showing that nothing can interpose her and also her passions currently.

Michael Fractor

Michael Fractor had actually moved to Texas from California with desire for ending up being a successful stand-up comedian– a job path he ‘d begun to pursue permanent in the summer season of 2021. He better admitted that his objective is to shift right into a writer, which has a great deal of range across the country. He bombed at open mics throughout shooting and also picked to relocate back to Los Angeles for familial support, just to determine to stick to Austin at the end moment. Therefore, his present location are a bit of a mystery, yet we do understand that he’s identified to build himself a platform to accomplish his objectives.

Kamari Bonds

Kamari Bonds arrived in Austin, Texas, seeking to broaden his potential customers in the modeling world, and also it appears as if he did well. According to the Netflix initial, a large agency signed him after looking at his portfolio and doing an examination shoot, which implies that he presently has depiction in The Lone Star State as well as The Carolinas. In other words, the Creative Entrepreneur will now most likely be investing his time taking a trip throughout the country to do what he enjoys before the cam. Like Abbey, also Kamari’s profession is only just starting as he graduated from East Carolina University in 2020.

Adam Davenport

For over 2 years currently, Adam has been in the Sales Department of San Juan Seltzer, a natural brewery that is progressively broadening its wings. And also that’s how the Washington native landed in Austin, Texas, where he also got a promotion.

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