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Ukraine urges ‘tough sanctions’ after Putin orders troops into rebel regions

KYIV, Ukraine — Ukraine on Tuesday informed its Western allies to hit Russia with “tricky sanctions” after President Vladimir Putin recognised two breakaway regions as fair and ordered in his troops.

Putin’s transfer — which came with tens of thousands of Russian troopers on Ukraine’s borders and fears of an all-out invasion — was as soon as hastily and broadly condemned by Kyiv’s allies in the West.

The US, Britain and the European Union all moved to impart contemporary economic sanctions inner hours, as European and Russian stocks tumbled and oil prices surged over knowledge of the recognition.

Russian troops possess been in the meantime believed to be deploying into Donetsk and Lugansk in jap Ukraine, after Putin issued decrees ordering his military to capture “peacekeeping” capabilities in the separatist territories.

Western officers possess been now not yet describing Putin’s moves as an invasion, nonetheless the topic remained deeply strained after weeks of tensions and days of intense shellfire on the frontline dividing the separatists from Kyiv’s forces.

In a assertion issued all via a visit to Washington, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba stated he was as soon as working with Kyiv’s Western associates “to impose tricky sanctions in opposition to the Russian Federation”.

“Russia is making an are attempting to provoke Ukraine. In its save, Ukraine is showing wisdom and patience to forestall an armed war of words,” he stated.

EU international policy chief Josep Borrell stated the bloc could well well be adopting measures from Tuesday afternoon.

“Our response will likely be in the manufacture of sanctions, whose extent the ministers will non-public,” Borrell informed reporters in Paris.

The UK was as soon as additionally plight to unveil a “first barrage” of sanctions in opposition to Russia Tuesday, High Minister Boris Johnson vowed. 

“They’ll hit Russia very laborious and there is much more that we are going to enact in the match of an invasion,” he informed reporters.

‘Spoiled, fraudulent claims’

Washington took its first measures in the early hours of Tuesday, banning US folk from any monetary dealings with the breakaway territories, and stated more sanctions could well well be launched Tuesday.

But it was as soon as unclear how a long way the West would meander, after warning time and all as soon as more of sanctions that could well well enact excessive hurt to the Russian economic system in the match of an invasion.

Russian troops possess been already known to be inner the 2 arise regions and ordering more to deploy is now not inclined to be sufficient for the West to plight off its worst-case response.

Putin launched he was as soon as recognising the territories, which broke a long way from Kyiv’s management in 2014, in a day of political theatre in Moscow.

After a dramatic televised assembly along with his top executive, defense force and security officers, Putin spoke to the Russian of us in a 65-minute take care of from his Kremlin office.

In the in general offended speech, Putin railed in opposition to Ukraine as a failed issue and “puppet” of the West, accusing Kyiv of making ready a “blitzkrieg” to retake the separatist regions.

The transfer to recognise them, Putin stated, was as soon as “a lengthy overdue resolution”.

He was as soon as then shown signing “friendship” agreements with arise leaders that allowed for the faithful deployment of Russian forces to “salvage peace” and the sharing of defense force bases and border protection.

Internal hours the UN Security Council held an emergency assembly, the save US ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield described as “nonsense” Putin’s reference to the troops as “peacekeepers”.

“We all know what they basically are,” Thomas-Greenfield stated, announcing Putin’s take care of amounted to a “sequence of execrable, fraudulent claims” that possess been aimed at “constructing a pretext for war.”

Russia’s ambassador to the UN Vasily Nebenzya informed the assembly that Moscow was as soon as unexcited originate to a diplomatic solution.

“Allowing a contemporary bloodbath in the Donbas is something we enact now not intend to enact,” he added, relating to the region encompassing Donetsk and Lugansk.

Russia ‘ready’ for talks

Moscow stated Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was as soon as unexcited ready for talks with US Secretary of Notify Antony Blinken as deliberate for Thursday in Geneva.

“Even all via presumably the most difficult moments… we are announcing: we are ready for negotiations,” international ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated. “We’re continually in favour of diplomacy.” 

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky held phone calls with several world leaders after the recognition announcement, in a disclose in self assurance to shore up toughen.

“We demand effective toughen steps and fine toughen steps from our partners,” he declared in a unhurried-night televised take care of, vowing that Kyiv was as soon as now not stupefied of any individual.

“It’s a long way terribly crucial to peek now who is our unswerving buddy and accomplice, and who will continue to anguish the Russian Federation with words,” he stated. 

As knowledge of the unhurried-night recognition hit the streets of Kyiv, many possess been in disbelief nonetheless stated they possess been ready to protect their nation if known as on.

“I am very afraid,” Artem Ivaschenko, a 22-twelve months-veteran cook dinner in the origin from Donetsk, informed AFP in the capital, calling the recognition the “scariest knowledge” he had heard since he fled the region eight years prior to now.

“I are residing here, I already lost a share of my region of birth, it was as soon as taken away, so I could protect it.”

Russia had massed more than 150,000 troops on the borders of Ukraine, prompting warnings from the West that Russia would invade — claims Moscow time and all as soon as more denied.

Tensions then spiked this week after a virus of heavy shellfire in jap Ukraine, the save Kyiv’s forces possess been struggling with separatists since 2014 in a battle that has left more than 14,000 useless.

Combating perceived to possess eased overnight Tuesday, with the Ukrainian defense force announcing there had been handiest three violations of the ceasefire between uninteresting night and 7: 00 am. On Monday there had been 84 violations, with two troopers killed and 18 wounded. — with Michael MAINVILLE in Moscow

As It Occurs

LATEST UPDATE: February 23, 2022 – 11: 20am

President Vladimir Putin says he hopes that Moscow and the West could well well get a technique to the raging security crisis over Ukraine, nonetheless additionally accused Washington of the usage of Kyiv as a “tool” in opposition to Russia.

“I’m hoping that in the pause we are in a position to search out a solution, though this is in a position to well now not be easy,” Putin says, indicating he was as soon as ready for more talks with the West, which has accused Moscow of massing more than 100,000 troops on the border and plotting to invade Ukraine.

“It appears to be to me that the US is now not so much thinking relating to the safety of Ukraine… nonetheless its major process is to have Russia’s order,” Putin says. — AFP

February 23, 2022 – 11: 20am

Australia publicizes sanctions on eight of President Vladimir Putin’s top security advisors on Wednesday following Russia’s “unwarranted, unprovoked, unacceptable” invasion of Ukraine.

Pillorying Putin’s resolution to expose troops into breakaway Kremlin-backed statelets in Ukraine’s east, High Minister Scott Morrison publicizes a series of sanctions that intently echoed moves from thoroughly different US allies.

Eight members of Russia’s security council will face sanctions, including meander back and forth bans, and Australia will transfer to target defense force-linked Russian banks.

“They are behaving esteem thugs and bullies,” Morrison says, predicting a elephantine-scale invasion was as soon as likely “in the next 24 hours.” — AFP

February 23, 2022 – 8: 58am

UN chief Antonio Guterres urges Russia to completely be conscious the realm physique’s structure, condemning Moscow’s recognition of the “independence” of two breakaway Ukrainian regions.

“The principles of the UN Constitution are now not an a la carte menu…. Member States possess licensed them all and so that they must apply them all,” Guterres tells reporters.

The secretary-current calls Russia’s recognition of “the so-known as ‘independence’” of two jap Ukraine regions “a violation of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.”

“It’s a death blow to the Minsk Agreements endorsed by the Security Council,” the UN chief provides, relating to a 2014 deal looking out for a silent resolution to the battle in jap Ukraine. — AFP

February 22, 2022 – 5: 12pm

Ukraine demands excessive sanctions in opposition to Russia on Tuesday as Western diplomats debate whether Moscow’s resolution to deploy troops to arise-held jap Ukraine is sufficient to plight off giant economic punishment.

In a assertion issued all via a visit to Washington, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba says he’s working with Kyiv’s Western associates “to impose tricky sanctions in opposition to the Russian Federation.” — AFP

February 22, 2022 – 11: 59am

Russian envoy to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya says Moscow stays “originate to diplomacy” nonetheless stresses the deserve to protect separatist areas from what he dubbed Ukrainian aggession.

“We live originate to diplomacy for a diplomatic solution,” he says all via an emergency UN Security Council assembly. “Alternatively, allowing a contemporary bloodbath in the Donbass is something we enact now not intend to enact.”

The emergency session adopted Vladimir Putin’s expose for Russian troops to deploy to the breakaway regions, a transfer roundly decried all via the assembly by the US and allies. — AFP

February 22, 2022 – 10: 06am

Ukrainian chief Volodymyr Zelensky demands “effective toughen” from the West after Russia recognised two jap separatist regions and then ordered in troops to again up their independence claims.

In an take care of delivered after pressing consultations with world leaders, Zelensky says Ukraine is “now not stupefied of the relaxation or any individual”, calling the Kremlin’s step “a violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity” of the gentle Soviet issue. — AFP

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