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Waliyy Dixon: Where is AND1 Main Event Now?

If you are an ardent follower of basketball, Netflix’s ‘Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1’ will certainly attract you as it complies with the sports apparel business, AND1, via its initial years and also documents its abrupt downfall. Aside from giving its rivals a run for their cash when it pertained to sportswear, AND1 also created a street basketball team as well as arranged the AND1 Mixtape Tour.

AND1 Mixtape Tour is a basketball competitors as well as exhibition created to boost the firm’s reach. Surprisingly, basketball tale Waliyy Dixon, also known as Main Event, was an essential part of the excursion as well as was entailed with AND1 for concerning 4 years. Let’s have a look at Waliyy’s life and also discover where he goes to present, shall we?

Who Is Waliyy Dixon?

A native of Linden, New Jersey, Waliyy, like most of his AND1 colleagues, dropped in love with basketball from a young age. Remarkably, the basketball tale obtained rather well-known from his high institution days when the New York City-based publisher Steet & Smith named him an All-American.

Normally, with basketball being Waliyy’s first love, the athlete chose to attend New Jersey’s Rutgers University, where he was an indispensable part of their guys’s basketball team. Also though his statistics as an university gamer was quite decent, Waliyy never received the direct exposure as well as success he accomplished in his institution days. However, he kept obtaining experience and also waited for the perfect opportunity.

Interestingly, Waliyy’s participation with AND1 began way back in 1994 when clips of his game featured in ‘AND1 Mixtape Volume 1.’ However, his association became extra hands-on in 1999, when he began working with the firm to bring other road basketball players into the team. Besides, Waliyy likewise signed up with the AND1 squad as well as played in the AND1 Mixtape Tour from 2002 to 2006.

Where Is Waliyy Dixon Now?

After leaving AND1 in 2006, Waliyy chose to collect a few of his old teammates as well as begin a basketball trip in a similar blood vessel to the AND1 Mixtape Tour. Thus, Waliyy, along with other street basketball stars, developed Serving Knowledge to Youth or SKY, which currently runs as a Streetball Syndicate.

Today, Waliyy stays in his home town of Linden, New Jersey, as well as functions as the Vice President of Player Development at SKY, whereby he arranges community outreach programs as well as event basketball trips. On the other hand, Waliyy is likewise related to the Black Top Streetball Association as well as has appeared in numerous sporting activities documentaries, in addition to the Adam Sandler-led movie ‘Hustle.’.

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