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Warner Bros. looks for his own Kevin Feige for DC Films

After the Discovery merger, the new heads of Warner Bros. Pictures is looking to hire a Kevin Feige-like figure for its DC Films division. The film producer has been the president of Marvel Studios and the main producer of the MCU franchise since 2007. From that time on, the brand has dominated the world of films – including entering the territory of the series today – with a success that any company I would like to reply.

Now, according to a source at Variety, David Zaslav, who is the CEO of the newly combined Warner Bros. Discovery, has a plan to analyze the DC Films industry and is considering turning the studio into its own solidified content vertical. For that, he is looking for a figure that resembles the role that Kevin Feige has at Marvel Studios, looking for candidates who have the same creative energy and strategist as the entrepreneur.

The information also points out that one name considered was that of Emma Watts, who previously served as president of production at 20th Century Studios and president of cinema at Paramount. Last year, she left her position at the company after a year in office. Even so, the sources say that she did not accept the proposal of Warner Bros.

The DC Expanded Universe got off to a rocky start in terms of critical reception. While the latest additions to the franchise have garnered more positive reactions and better audience acceptance, the studio continues to receive some disapproval for its apparent lack of creative vision, especially when compared to its rival Marvel’s shared universe.

Furthermore, Warner executives are aware that much of the success the MCU has found is due to Feige. So Zaslav is interested in finding someone who has this kind of business experience to keep all the different groups at DC working more smoothly.

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