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Westworld exposes the fate of its saddest villain

Thanks to Charlotte’s robotic web, Season 4 of HBO’s Westworld has lastly disclosed the stunning destiny of the franchise’s most vicious bad guy.

In Season 3 of Westworld, followers were glad to see William (aka the Man in Black) meet his demise. Ed Harris’ well-known villain got skyrocketed by his own robotic copy when he faced new Delos boss, Charlotte (an evil variation of Dolores). Several thought he passed away, with William 2.0 starting Season 4 by making huge acquisitions for Charlotte, namely the Hoover Dam and a number of other tech-assets.

Nonetheless, in the 2nd episode, William’s destiny has actually finally been revealed. Amazingly, he’s not dead, but because he was the show’s most sadistic villain, Charlotte wants him to pay. And it seems that’s going to entail him being kept alive, hurt and enjoying as humankind’s changed due to the realm he attempted to build.

In the post-credits, Charlotte went into her hold, exposing a cryo-chamber where the real William’s kept. More so, she’s obtained her William running a racket that will certainly transform America big time, as well as likely, the globe. It linked right into early developments in the episode, which concentrated on her and William 2.0 killing off politicians and replacing them with hosts.

As for the larger power play, she’s been using William’s political links in the seven years that passed to penetrate the high end of culture, along with the government. She also has speculative flies that enter into people’ eyes, making them her creatures, enabling Charlotte to manage both people as well as bots. A huge part of the task is to have humans pertain to the Mob World, aka the “Golden Age” park, which William’s calls greenlit after the government outlawed it adhering to the carnage in Season 2.

Either means, she said thanks to William for this network, leaving him angry and powerless in his controlled kind. William ironically wanted to be one of those with his political machinations, however his video game for desire and power was primal and also too basic.

It’s why Charlotte’s taking control of America and trying to kill Maeve and also Caleb– recognizing they’ll give resistance. The episode ended with Charlotte sedating William once more, leaving him scared recognizing his egocentric grudge to eliminate hosts like the very first Dolores back then has actually currently doomed the planet. Unquestionably, it can lead the way for a harmful partnership if he goes out as well as can collaborate with the rebels, however, for currently, he’s under ice with tons of sense of guilt on his principles.

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