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What Is Selling The OC Alexandra Jarvis Net Worth?

Netflix’s ‘Selling The OC’ follows The Oppenheim Group as they expand their business and open a real estate agency in Orange County, California. Interestingly, real estate agent and former lawyer Alexandra Jarvis seemed to get a lot of attention from fans because of her upright personality and expertise in dealing with clients.

Exactly How Did Alexandra Jarvis Make Her Money?

Originally hailing from Alabama, Alexandra Jarvis grew up in a close knit-family that instilled familial values in her as well as made her realize the significance of having a peaceful and loving residence. Interestingly, Alexandra holds her upbringing responsible for her success as a realty agent as well as mentioned exactly how she is driven by her need to assist her clients find a dream residence. Interestingly, Alexandra did not choose to develop an occupation in the real estate market from the beginning considering that she was interested in financing as well as organization.

Thus, right after completing high school, she got in Auburn University and also sought a level in worldwide business and also the Spanish language. However, she quickly had a change of mind, and also with the field of legislation beckoning her, Alexandra finished her legislation degree from the UC Irvine School of Law and also joined a Newport Beach-based firm where she sold business litigation and employment law.

Surprisingly, Alexandra stated that while operating in the area of regulation, she developed her customer monitoring abilities and additionally obtained fairly experienced in settlements and also analytic. These abilities, together with her bubbly character, helped her shine bright once she chose to change her occupation over to real estate. The reality celebrity’s patience in managing customers, understanding, as well as background in law all helped her rise above most of the competition and also make about $50 million in sales in just a year’s time. Viewers should note that Alexandra is happily engaged to Sergio Ducoulombier as of the present and is looking forward to wedding bells in her future.

What Is Alexandra Jarvis’ Net Worth?

Before we can calculate Alexandra’s current net worth, we should note that most top-run real estate agents in California make around $150,000 in fixed income annually. Thus, for every $10 million in sales, the real estate agent can hope to make about $100,000 in commission.

Now, to place the computation right into viewpoint, a lot of Alexandra’s residential or commercial properties vary around the $8 to $10 million mark, and also with the real estate agent making regarding ten to fifteen sales each year, her complete yearly revenue rests comfortably around the $500,000 mark. Hence, taking that right into account, incorporated with her previous career as a legal representative and her status as a fact television star, we can anticipate Alexandra’s present total assets to be around $4 million.

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