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What is Selling the OC Kayla Cardona Net Worth?

The lush lifestyle that many cast participants of the truth program seem to take pleasure in is one of the most gripping elements of the collection. Naturally, admirers of this ‘Selling Sunset’ spinoff are curious about the wealth accumulated by the people in the show, including Kayla Cardona. Given her significant presence in season 1 of the show and her backstory, the public is curious to know how Kayla earned her money and her present net worth.

Just How Did Kayla Cardona Earn Her Money?

As a local of Orange County, Kayla’s expertise of the area has actually definitely helped her ended up being a successful realtor. She got her permit as a real estate agent on February 6, 2019, which allows her to take care of buildings in the state of California. She after that began functioning as a participant of Zillow’s best team, allowing her to come to be an agent within the leading 1%. For her success, Kayla was bestowed the prestigious Executive Club Award.

In June 2021, Kayla joined The Oppenheim Group. According to her confessions in season 1 of ‘Selling the OC,’ Kayla also works as a bartender most nights.

Being a part of the Netflix show provided Kayla with a golden opportunity as she was able to utilize the exposure to become one of the major faces of Orange County’s real estate industry. Naturally, fans are curious to know how much wealth Kayla has earned over the years.

Kayla Cardona’s Net Worth

To calculate Kayla’s net worth, we must consider the average value of the properties she has dealt in and any additional sources of income throughout her professional life. For every property that Kayla handles, she earns about 0.75% of the sale price.

Considering Kayla likely efficiently closes 10 bargains annually, after that one can not be but help thrilled by her considerable revenues. In addition, a bartender in Orange County earns concerning $25,000 to $30,000. Factoring in her additional revenues from her prior experiences as a swimwear competition participant and also the taxes she might owe, we approximate Kayla’s total assets to be about $1 million.

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