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When Will Ayumu Make His Move? Launches the latest Kaguya-Sama Battle of Wits

The lovestruck Ayumu and also the brilliant Urushi are playing not one yet 2 video games with each other– the perfect setup for any kind of Kaguya-sama follower.

The Summer 2022 anime period is currently here, as well as it includes captivating rom-com anime titles such as When Will Ayumu Make His Move?, starring the cool kuudere young boy Tanaka Ayumu and his love interest, the shogi specialist Yaotome Urushi. They play shogi every college day in the little shogi club, however there’s an additional game afoot.

When Ayumu and also Urushi take a seat for a video game of shogi, they aren’t simply attempting to win on the video game board. These crafty pupils are also playing a mental game of love– one that each of them is established to win in their very own way. In a manner, their wholesome yet persistent romantic feud may remind fans of Kaguya-Sama, but with a couple of tweaks. It’s time to venture out the scorecard.

Away, the slick Urushi realizes that her new close friend Ayumu has a severe crush on her, but to her inconvenience, Ayumu declines to honestly admit those sensations. That won’t be very easy, seeing exactly how Urushi is much more powerful in the video game, and also Ayumu will certainly understand if Urushi merely lets him win.

This makes Ayumu’s persistent streak completely clear. Every time these close friends satisfy, Urushi uses every trick she can think of to make Ayumu confess his noticeable sensations, making her a miniature Shinomiya Kaguya with a fondness for board games. Kaguya is a steadfast as well as passionate girl who’s identified to make Miyuki admit his love initially, and also Urushi has a comparable character arc below in When Will Ayumu Make His Move?.

Most likely, much more characters will be presented, and those characters could take sides in the love battle or even establish their own crushes to create a love triangle or two. What will Urushi do if some other lady comes along and tries to win Ayumu’s heart first, or what if another boy becomes infatuadted by Urushi’s elegance and also brilliance in shogi?

While When Will Ayumu Make His Move? has some general resemblances with Kaguya-Sama: Love is War, this new anime sees to it to distinguish itself from writer Aka Akasaka’s hit tale. The primary distinction is that the romantic/shogi battle of wits here is more like a siege, with Urushi as well as Ayumu having various functions and techniques in the feud. In Kaguya-Sama, both Kaguya as well as Miyuki get on the offensive, circling around each other like scorpions, bold one another to make the initial relocation. They are representations of one another as well as have comparable approaches, but Ayumu as well as Urushi have a lot more distinct roles. Ayumu is a persistent citadel, and Urushi is laying siege to it. There’s a clear line between crime and also defense here.

Actually, the anime’s title alludes to this, as Urushi desperately desires Ayumu to make his unpreventable love admission, however Ayumu won’t do it– or at least, he won’t do it on demand. Ayumu is a stubborn, patient kuudere kid that will only confess his love under his terms, and also this motivates Urushi to increase down on her romantic offensive and also keep pushing at Ayumu anyway. In her own means, Urushi is stubborn as well as fairly tenacious herself, especially considering that she has one of the most to gain below.

In the meantime, the Ayumu anime is readied to keep this vibrant– a siege-style Kaguya-Sama– and also maybe the battle lines will be redrawn because of brand-new partnerships as well as new personalities being included in the story. Nonetheless, Ayumu’s emotional fortress wall surfaces probably will not be taken apart anytime soon, as that would certainly indicate the anime would certainly resolve its central property far prematurely. To put it simply, Urushi must get ready for a psychological marathon.

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