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Where Are Dr. Randall Kirby and Robert Henderson Now?

Christopher Duntsch continues to be one of the most infamous wrongdoers in American health and wellness treatment, having hurt as well as maimed over 30 of his clients and also supposedly eliminated 2 others. As seen on the Peacock streaming service reveal, ‘Dr. Death,’ both Dr. Randall Kirby and also Dr. Robert Henderson saw very first hand the kind of damages that Duntsch was inflicting on individuals as well as embarked on the lengthy procedure that aided bring him to justice.

That Are Dr. Randall Kirby and Dr. Robert Henderson?

Dr. Kirby and Dr. Henderson are both Texas physicians that, on separate circumstances, saw the dreadful approaches as well as similarly dreadful outcomes of surgery by the former neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch. Dr. Kirby, a vascular specialist at the Baylor College of Medicine, assisted Duntsch in surgical treatment on January 11, 2012. It was after this that Dr. Kirby sent a formal problem to the Texas Medical Board.

Dr. Robert Henderson is an established spinal surgeon who was operating at the Dallas Medical Center when he first encountered one of Duntsch’s unfortunate individuals. He was called in to do a revision surgical treatment on Mary Efurd after she went through a treatment by the already infamous neurosurgeon who Dr. Henderson had come across because of his tragic medical end results. Following his own evaluation and also surgical procedure on Mrs. Efurd, which he videotaped as well as which exposed numerous incorrectly drilled openings in her spine aside from various other gross blunders like misplaced screws, he suggested that Duntsch have his privileges at the hospital revoked instantly.

His succeeding investigation, along with Dr. Kirby’s problem, which had to be acted on continuously by both of them in order to bring Duntsch’s crimes to focus, ultimately resulted in the District Attorney’s workplace tackling the case. Christopher Duntsch was condemned of assault and harm to a senior citizen (Mary Efurd) and punished to life behind bars with the very first opportunity of parole in 2045. Incidentally, the video recording Dr. Henderson made was an essential item of proof made use of in the prosecution’s situation versus Duntsch.

Where Are Dr. Randall Kirby and Dr. Robert Henderson Today?

Both Dr. Henderson and Dr. Kirby are still exercising medical professionals in Texas. Dr. Kirby, who is an MD-Vascular Surgery, is listed as the current President of the Society of Spinal Access Surgeons as well as the President of the Dallas Surgical Specialists. His primary location is at Surgical Elite PLLC at 9301 North Central Expressway in Dallas, and also he remains to be affiliated with a variety of respected clinical institutions in Texas. Dr. Henderson proceeds his enduring job as well as is a spine professional and also doctor with a focus on persistent back and leg discomfort. His workplaces are located at 9080 Harry Hines Boulevard, Suite 210 in Dallas, Texas.

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