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Where Are Jaycee Dugard Mother and also Stepfather Now?

‘Captive for 18 Years: The Jaycee Lee Story’ is a ‘Cutting Edge’ episode that examines the June 1991 kidnapping and also jail time of then-11-year-old Jaycee Lee Dugard while she got on her method to school. In broad daytime, notorious sex transgressor Phillip Garrido and his spouse, Nancy, confiscated the fifth-grader and also packed her right into their auto before repeling. However, despite eyewitnesses, it took over 18 years before she was discovered and her enemies captured. Now, we can’t aid but be curious concerning what her parents/guardians went via throughout this time. Let’s find out, shall we?

That Are Jaycee Dugard’s Mother and Stepfather?

In the summertime of 1991, Jaycee Lee Dugard lived with her mother, Terry Probyn, her stepfather Carl Probyn, as well as her young child half-sister Shayna in Meyers, California. Her natural father, Ken Slayton, did not know he had fathered Jaycee until after she was abducted. Furthermore, although she was close with her mother and also sister, Jaycee felt as if Carl did not like her. Nevertheless, she ‘d invested a year with family members “due to the fact that he desired alone time with” Terry. After that came that ominous June early morning, where her mother left early for work, as well as Jaycee bid farewell to her stepfather seconds prior to being taken.

He couldn’t maintain up, let alone pass the auto, so Jaycee vanished without a trace for 18 years. Numerous people thought that they can have had a role to play in Jaycee’s abduction, yet Ken was rapidly gotten rid of, specifically considering exactly how he didn’t also know he had a little girl.

Where Are Jaycee Dugard’s Mother as well as Stepfather Now?

Terry and also Carl Probyn divided practically 4 years after Jaycee Lee Dugard disappeared, and he has considering that asserted that one of the factors for it was that Terry could never forgive him for not being able to save her little daughter. Terry’s family believed I was mean to her,” Carl mentioned after Jaycee was saved. “I believe they assumed I was the reason Jaycee did not run away from the Garridos.

On the other hand, Terry Probyn is just material to understand that her little girl is sound and also secure which her perpetrators lag bars. The truth that she had not kissed Jaycee on that eventful day had haunted her for several years, so now, she always keeps in mind to do so whenever they meet up. “It’s an excellent lesson, you recognize?,” Terry informed ABC News. “Take a minute for your youngsters. Do that additional thing that might be a trouble to you, yet is necessary to them.” As for where they are now, it seems like Carl has retired and relocated to Anderson, South Carolina, whereas Terry chooses to lead a very private life.

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