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Where is Anthony Templet Sister Netasha Today?

Due to the fact that of every little thing the young adult went with, Anthony Templet’s situation in Louisiana gathered national headlines. Netflix’s three-part docuseries entitled ‘I Just Killed My Dad’ concentrates on the events leading up to Anthony firing his daddy, Burt Templet, to death in their home in June 2019. Nevertheless, it was later declared that Burt abused Anthony for several years before the latter shot his papa in what he asserted was self-defense. As the situation gained national importance, Anthony’s long-lost household, including his mommy, Teresa Thompson, and half-sister Netasha, ultimately learned where he was. So, let’s discover even more concerning Natasha then, shall we?

That is Anthony’s Sister Netasha?

In June 2019, Anthony called 911 to report that he had actually shot his papa after a debate. The resulting apprehension and also investigation subjected an inefficient partnership in between both and also what felt like a pattern of abuse also. Based on the show, Anthony’s manager at his part-time job took it upon herself to find his biological mother. This brought about a genealogy scientist locating Netasha online; she was Anthony’s half-sister, and they had the exact same mom, Teresa.

A phone call from the scientist, Shayna Landry, lastly led Netasha and Teresa to figure out where Anthony was. In a shocking twist, they claimed to have been looking for him for more than a years. Netasha later on said, “After 11 years of waiting to hear if my sibling was still to life, he is found. He has been remote and abused all these years by his very own father. My brave brother needed to defend himself for the last time versus that wicked guy.”

Netasha mentioned that Burt had actually kidnapped Anthony in 2008 when he was just 5 years old. Netasha further affirmed that Burt had actually been violent as well as violent with Teresa, adding, “I can just envision what Anthony’s been with.

Where is Anthony’s Sister Netasha Now?

It was a bittersweet moment for Netasha, reconnecting with her half-brother while he was in prison. She did speak with him on the phone in July 2019, including, “It was excellent. He’s actually pleasant. We talked about things we did when he was younger. If he kept in mind appropriately a household getaway we took to Seattle, he asked. I might not think he still bore in mind that journey. You can listen to the smile in his voice.” Netasha presently stays in Ingleside, Texas, with her spouse, Brandon, and her little girl as well as boy. She appears to have an excellent partnership with Teresa, and also right now, family is her top priority. Apart from that, Netasha has her very own company offering home-based dreamcatchers. We want her the very best!

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