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Where is Selena + Chef Filmed, TV Show Filming Locations

Created by Aaron Saidman, HBO Max’s ‘Selena + Chef’ is an unscripted food preparation show held by Selena Gomez who got motivated during quarantine when she began cooking in the house more frequently. In this show, the well-known star and vocalist deals with various professional chefs and tries her hand at preparing new dishes. Aside from the dishes, they likewise cover various other crucial variables that feature cooking, such as particular ideas and tricks and also just how to manage various type of calamities that might occur in the kitchen.

Just like each chef recommends a meal of their taste for their episode, they additionally develop a charity of their choice, usually food associated. The show then contributes a large $10,000 to that specific charity. Fans of Selena and also food preparation programs, as a whole, are bound to move in the direction of the show as they get to witness the celebrity with knives and kitchen utensils in her hands, instead of a mic. The attractive as well as clean kitchen area of Selena’s home makes one marvel where the food preparation show is really filmed. Well, permit us to provide you with all the details regarding the exact same!

Selena + Chef Filming Locations

‘ Selena + Chef’ is filmed in its entirety in California, especially in Los Angeles County. Considering that the show was inspired by Selena’s own experience throughout quarantine, the show makers intended to record the series in a very real, unscripted, as well as unrehearsed method. Furthermore, stringent health and wellness protocols remain in place at all times during filming, with no crew member present in the kitchen with Selena. As a matter of fact, the team participants are consistently examined for the infection, wear masks regularly, and do not can be found in direct contact with her or anyone who is quarantined with the singer. Now, let’s talk about all the certain locations where Selena cooks some delicious dishes!

Los Angeles County, California

All the critical sequences for ‘Selena + Chef’ are lensed in Los Angeles County, one of the most populous region in California as well as in the United States. For the first 3 seasons, Selena and the rest of the manufacturing group set up camp in her Los Angeles home, which is located at 4600 Encino Avenue. Once belonging to the late superstar Tom Petty, your house’s cooking area produces an ideal website for taping a cooking show such as ‘Selena + Chef,’ with aesthetic white-tiled walls as well as lots of storage room.

In a means, the setup of this specific house pays homage to Selena’s visitor look on the Disney show as pop star Mikayla, Hannah’s opponent. Some exterior scenes were likewise taped in between Los Angeles and Malibu as Selena and also others drive to the brand-new residence for season 4.

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