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Who’s the New Monster in Stranger Things Season 4?

Stranger Things Season 4 is a Netflix mainstay sci-fi horror series that will soon entertain fans. Divided into two volumes, Season 4 Vol. 1, which is scheduled for release on May 27 tomorrow, has just released its official trailer. After showing the development of the children of the small town of Hawkins, which had previously experienced the tragedy of the Battle of Starcourt, the trailer closes by showing a new monster who is likely to be a major threat to the protagonists. Who exactly is he? Without further ado, let’s go further, Geeks!

Looks More Tough and Terrible

In the first three seasons, fans have been shown how dangerous the monsters from Upside Down are, from Demodog, Demogorgon, to Mind Flayer. However, despite the threat they brought, none of the previous monsters had the appearance of this new monster. The monster, whose figure is still mysterious, has a physiology similar to that of a human, with the outside without skin, nose, and eyelids.

Even though its appearance was extremely terrifying, it was still unknown how powerful this new monster was. What is clear is that with the tentacles on the back of its body, where it looks like it can rest on the tentacles, this monster seems to be tougher than most of the monsters in Upside Down. It is possible that this monster is a kind of Upside Down human or someone who has been trapped in another world for a long time, where in the end he turns into a terrible and evil figure.

Even more terrifying, of the many Upside Down monsters, it seems that this humanoid monster is equipped with the ability to talk. As the official trailer was almost finished, this monster said something similar to the initial dialogue of board games Dungeons & Dragons, that is “You have lost (you have lost).D&D alone is board games which Hawkins children often play, especially the protagonists Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Will.

Inspired by Dungeons & Dragons Monsters?

Based on his last sentence, many fans are curious about who the terrible monster seen in the trailer really is Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 1? To answer this question, recently, the creators of the series, the Duffer Brothers (Matt and Ross Duffer) revealed the name of the new villain. In his latest interview with IGN, they say that the Upside Down monster that has a human-like physiology is called “Vecna”.

Vecna ​​herself is actually one of the monsters from mythology D&D. In the game he is depicted as a dark magic wizard whose body turns into an immortal being called a lich. Because he has loyal followers who always worship him, Vecna ​​later becomes a demonic figure who is known to have very deadly dark magic powers. So strong, even when he died, his eyes and hands could be used to injure others.

Duffer Brothers did not explain further what the role of Venca will be in the series later. What is clear is that when compared to a Demodog who has a dog-like appearance, or a Demogorgon whose head is like a corpse flower, Vecna ​​is far more dangerous because it seems like he can think like a human. Even when compared to Mind Flayer who couldn’t leave the Upside Down, Vecna ​​was far more threatening. We’ll see how terrible Vecna ​​is, when Vol. 1 premieres on Netflix in May tomorrow.

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