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You Can Finally Use Instagram Music and Reels in the Philippines

Instagram is fun… when you have all of the app’s features at your disposal. Who knows why things are a little more complicated in our part of the world that we can’t get cool, new features instantly? Take Music, for instance. How many times have you watched a video forcibly muted because “Instagram music isn’t available in your region.”

Well, the time has come and both Reels and Music are finally available in the Philippines. No longer will you have to be jealous of a friend who’s traveled and suddenly has access to both. Instead, you can post your own scenery pan shot with an indie song to match. Starting October 27, Instagram is launching Reels which allows you to post 60-second videos, as well as Music which lets you use thousands of songs in your Stories and Reels. All you need to do is head to your Stories and look for the Music sticker.

“We are continuously listening to and taking inspiration from what our community wants. They’re telling us that in addition to all the ways to share video, they want the opportunity to make and watch short-form, edited videos that entertain and be a creator on a global stage with a bigger and diverse audience. We see Reels as a core part of the future of entertainment on Instagram; and today, we are excited to give people in the Philippines new ways to express their authentic selves through Reels,” said Erin Pettigrew, product manager at Reels.

Music needs no introduction but Reels probably needs to be explained more. The new video tools that come with the feature include speed, timer and countdown, timed text and stickers, align, and touch-up so you can produce creative and fun videos to tap your inner content creator (if it’s there at all). If you’ll notice, the post button on the app has been replaced with a button that leads you directly to Reels.

So, go ahead give Reels and Music a try. Maybe give our how-not-to-be-cringe-on-Instagram guide a quick read, though?


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